Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sloane is 9

Sloane had such a good time last night with her friends and their families. She is now 9 years old and my how the time flies. Oh but when it was time to say goodbye... You see her friend Ashley is leaving for Washington today. We were up after 11:00 talking about it and just trying to calm her down. Living in a military town definitely has is ups and downs. We have meet some really great people but now she totally gets that saying goodbye (lack of a better word) just SUCKS!!! I totally get it... Life gets busy, and it definitely goes by fast but enjoy the moments you have and just keep them in your memories!!!

Peace Girl!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

This is everyone totally getting Sloane with the silly string
she was covered when it was all done and over with.
Ashley the one here in the purple shirt totally having a blast,
well she is the one Sloane had to say goodbye to at the end of the evening. ;-(

Here are just a few of the girls chilling out on the front porch, Peace Out!!!

Have a wonderful day, Candice ;-)

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