Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Ruger

Ruger just chillen in one of his favorite spotsThis one is him watching the kids play T-ball
I think he really wanted to be out in the field
Ruger had his apt at the MASH (vet unit) yesterday and we got him scheduled for TPLO surgery on Monday and he will come home on Tuesday. So do you want to hear the $$$, hold you breath because it is a big number.
First let me tell you what they will be doing. X-rays first to see all the damage. While in surgery they will be fracturing his leg and then move his knee into a better position, they then shave down his bone, and put in a plate and a screw, all for a torn ACL we could have done a cheaper surgery but his size, age and as active as he is we really needed to do the better of the two. We also talked to Eric's brother who is a vet and he also recommended the TPLO.
Ya know it has to be done he is a member of the family and we have to keep him healthy and out of pain. He will have to stay in a crate for 2 weeks with minimal movement, that is only to take him out to go potty and about 6 more weeks of short walks no jumping or running. OMG this is going to be a rough 8 weeks. When it is all done he should be back to normal, okay her is the cost $2950.

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