Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Complete

Oh My Goodness this project took 4 days and a total of nine hours.  If the weather would have been nicer it would not have taken that long.  The poly coats took forever to dry, and they needed two coats.  I guess if Nicole and I didn't make extra large ones it may not have taken as long either, but the girls and I had a good time working together.  I have found out that I like working with the big boy tools, yes I know I need to get some safety glasses and maybe some gloves, I got a few splinters.

 me drilling 160 holes

 Nicole marking the boards for me

 boards, boards everywhere

 here is mine all lined up ready to string

 Colleen getting her colors just right to string

 Nicole (above) and Colleen (below) one their magic carpets

Colleen checking hers out at my front door,
she has a step up into her house,
to bad this won't work at my door

Here is one at my back door (this is where mine is going), LOVE IT!!!

Have a Wonderful Day, Candice :-)

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