Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MONO and Last Few Weeks

Last Monday Sloane went to the nurse at school late in the afternoon she had an elevated temperature and a sore throat.  I thought oh just a bug she was fine the rest of the day and  her temperature never went above 99.7.  Well the next morning she got ready for school, we were out at the bus stop and she just started to cry.  I told her to go back in the house and lay down I put Sam on the bus and  then took her over to urgent care.  Sloane really doesn't act like that when she is sick so I knew something was going on.  I thought maybe strep but neither of my kids have ever had it...

Well at the doctors they did the strep test and it came back negative just like I thought it would.   I would have been shocked if it came back positive.   But I was even more shocked when they found out what was wrong with her.  I pointed out the swelling to the doctor along her jaw line, just on her left side which she did notice.  The Doctor brought up MONO and I told her that I thought there was a little boy who might have it, which I found out later his test came back negative.  The doctor had the nurse come back in to do the blood test and guess what it came back positive, Sloane has MONO...  I would have never guessed...  Anyway she is doing fine just tired and bummed that she won't be on the horse for a bit because of her spleen.

So we are almost at the end of SAB, it is coming to a close on March 31st.  If there is a special set that you just have to have you still have time. :-D   Here is a card that we did at my last in home workshop, all SAB stuff.  Oh reminds me of Spring with all these pretty colors.  Well anyway thanks for stopping in.

Have a Wonderful Day, Candice :-)

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