Wednesday, May 15, 2013


okay so I do like to take old pieces and make them new again.  I took this piece which was sitting in our basement getting ready to be taken to the dump and I thought of this great idea.  I have been wanting to do something in our dinning room which is just blah and thought this piece could look really cool in there kinda like a little sidebar and make it pop, so I painted it a poppy color.  I have seen a bunch of re-dos on pinterest and so this is what is was and now is.  Oh and by the way this was Eric's dresser when he was a growing up.  I am not done in this space but when it is done I will do an update.  Sill to do Georgia Okeeffe print (poppy), lamps, mirror, rug and a big basket or something on the side of this piece.  Thanks for stopping in.
OH My look at that it's the same color of our packaging for our Paper Pumpkin
 Have a Wonderful Day, Candice :-)

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