Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 down and 1 more to go

Okay so this is what I have been doing this Summer, I-Crafty Camps and Swim Team.  Oh My Goodness, I have done 3 I-Crafty Camps so far this summer and still have one more to do.  The girls have all done a WONDERFUL JOB!!!  They have all been real fun to work with.  Some of these projects were so much fun to make.  I can't believe how fast this summer has gone, 5 more weeks till school OMG!!!

So here are a few shots from the first three camps.  Thanks for stopping in.

Look at all these supplies and that wasn't even all of it!!!
 Nugget Tins and Box of Cards - with the first group
soaps and flowers for the painted jars
 Firecracker Lifesavers
 Pinwheel project
 my sister even got into it, YEAH!!!
 Set of Embossed Cards

 Gift Card Notebook - good way to Reduce Reuse Recycle - with the second group
 Graffiti Shoes
Fabric Flower Pens (my sister got the hats for FREE!!!
Sculpey Pens - so much fun
 Sponge Bombs
 Sponge Bombs and Lollipop Flower - with the third group
 Photo Canvas

Have a Wonderful Day, Candice :-)

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