Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cute Little Treat Holder

OMG how time flies, it has been way to long.  I'll give you a quick little run down on what has been going on here.  My Mother-in-law was down for two weeks, my son received his first communion, my nephew received his first communion the weekend after Sam, and then mothers day the kids and I were in IN for 4 days.  I thought when I got back it would slow down a bit "NO" my car went in the shop, I am doing the Warrior Dash on Saturday, I am planning a Girl Scout event this Sunday for my Troop.  I just can't seem to catch my breath...  AND WHAT there is only 4 more weeks of school. :-)

 Sam at his First Communion

Yeah, I have a post for you guys today, yeah!!!  This is using that cute little scallop envelope die (which I think is a must have) and the butter fly punch.  Some of my girls wanted to learn how to make these cute little flowers on this treat holder so at my last workshop this was one of the projects.  I know these have been around for a while but until my girls asked I hadn't even tried to do these and oh how easy they are...  Thanks for stopping in.


Have a Wonderful Day, Candice :-)

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