Thursday, January 7, 2010

Using My New Stuff

Well here is my first project using my new stuff. I have to be honest at first glance I was not sure I was even going to like them. I gave them a shot and after using them they are not so bad, these guys really do stamp just like the wood mounted stamps. I do have a bit of a problem with them sticking to the case, but when I pull them out to stamp they do the job, and well they will save you money.

I think if you follow the photos below you will get the idea on how to make this cute project... I love this new Glitter DSP, wish we had more of it. Hope you like what I came up with.

First take your 81/2 x 11 piece of paper and score it at 51/2 and 41/4 then cut out the top right hand corner. (you will need to cut a little over the score line of the 41/4 score so you get a nice fold)

Then in the bottom left hand corner use those punches girls.

Using a piece of DSP glue it in behind the punched out area, fold in the bottom right piece in and glue it down making sure that the glue side is covering your DSP. (Be careful not to actually glue your card shut)

There you have it, add in your embellishments and girls don't forget to fancy up those envelopes.

Have a Wonderful Day, Candice ;-)

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