Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what's been going on

Every time Eric's mother comes down to stay (this time a month) I try to have some kind of project for us to work on, this time it is KINDA BIG. Eric is just like her, I have learned that boredom just will not work so I keep us busy. She really likes to do this kind of stuff or at least she tells me this, oh gosh I hope she likes this kind of stuff. She is wonderful and let me tell you she is a take charge kinda gal and will not sit still until it is all done. I do have to say that this project is coming along nicely. So for now this is all you get to see and by Friday we will be done and I will post all the new photo's of my new kitchen. Get this and this is the best part, all these changes for under $100.00, thanks for stopping in.

This is Eric's mom starting right away still in her Jammie's

Oh yes the thermofoil comes right off once you get it started.

These are the new cabinets which we are not peeling, great condition,
we are going to LOCK them
then paint over the thermofoil, cross those fingers.

Have a Wonderful Day, Candice '-)

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